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Laser Hair Removal

Liberate your skin from unwanted hair
Laser Medical Center provides laser treatment to women and men for permanent hair removal. LMC the Long Pulse Nd YAG Laser is being used for Permanent Hair removal for face & body. This particular type of laser is very much suitable for the skin of South Asian people which is approved by the USA FDA Advanced Laser Hair Removal. The unique combinations of laser & DCD Cooling system (DEKA, Italy & CANDELA, USA) make the Long Pulse Nd YAG Laser virtually painless & superior to the other lasers. It’s a totally safe, effective and specific treatment for body hair removal.
Long Pulse Nd YAG works on the endogenous melanin – chromospheres mainly found in the hair shaft & in the hair follicle.
Hair is trimmed just prior to the treatment. A hand piece with laser beams is moved over the area of treatment to give suitable laser energy to permanently destroy the hairs. After the treatment medicated soothing cream is applied. 90 percent unwanted hair is destroyed permanently usually within 6 sessions. But in case of underlying hormonal problem more session may be required. The remaining 10 percent hairs become very thin, fine & soft which are virtually invisible.
The time of the treatment varies depending different body parts. As an example the hair between upper lip and nostril takes 10 minutes while the hair on leg takes about 2 to 3 hours.
The treatment is basically painless however some patients complain of mild tingling sensation, (as a rubber bands nap to the skin). The side effect also includes minor redness and swelling, (like a mosquito bite) which disappears within few hours. Complains of irritation are minor and vary from patient to patient depending on the skin color & skin sensitivity. Most of the people see or feel nothing at all.
Time period between sittings depends on the hair re-growth. Average interval is around one month. However it varies between 10 days to 3 Months.

Acne & Acne Scar

Restore Your Skin to its Natural Beauty
Acne is not life-threatening but can cause long term physical and emotional scarring. Nearly half of all adult women experience mild to moderate acne
1. Reduces infection & inflammation 2. Kills bacteria 3. Controls sebum production 4. Reduces oil secretio
1. LED 2. CO2 + Photosilk 3. Laser Glow for Acne & Pigmentation 4. Glycolic Peel 5. Acne Peel 6. MCD + Glycolic Peel 7. MCD + Acne Peel 8. Photosilk + Acne Peel 9. Fractional Laser + CO2 10. Fractional Resurfacing (Face) 11. Fractional + V Beam (Face) 12. Fractional Resurfacing (Cheeks) 13. Fractional + V Beam (Cheeks) 14. Erbium YAG Resurfacing (Face) 15. PRP

White Radiance

Bring the glow back with laser toning
White Radiance is a premium service for skin brightening available in limited edition. We advise high-grade home products. Additionally, you can take intravenous glutathione for intense detox & brightening from internally. For Body, we provide a treatment which is a combination of peeling & laser, very effectively provides the desired result.


Don’t give pigmentation a chance to dim the glow of your skin
Hyperpigmentation is characterized by a darkening of an area of skin caused by the overproduction of pigment or melanin. It is relatively common and harmless, but for cosmetic reasons, it is a annoyance to those who have it. Either one of two things occur when hyperpigmentation results: abnormally high concentration of melanocytes produce melanin or 2. when melanocytes are hyperactive. For instance, sun exposure stimulates the production of melanin. Although it can affect anyone- regardless of their race- this condition is more prevalent among certain ethnicities such as Asian, Mediterranean, African or Latin. Hyperpigmentation can affect any part of the body including the face, hands and neck.
There are various causes of hyperpigmentation, including overexposure to the sun, aging of skin, life style including stress, depression, sleep disorder, heredity; picking at the skin; hormonal changes; certain toxins & medications and inflammation and skin injuries etc. In Laser Medical Center, we have a wide range of treatments for Pigmentation which are FDA approved with the help of world class American & European machines like Fractional laser, Photosilk, Eclat, Fraxpeel, Synchro QS4 – Q switched laser and combining various kinds of peels & No needle Mesotherapy according to the diagnosis by skin analysis.

Freckles & Sun Damage

Easily you can get rid of them

Freckles are thought to develop as a result of a combination of genetic tendency (inheritance) and sun exposure.

Irrespective of skin color, freckling is caused by the uneven distribution of the melanin pigment in the skin. A freckle is essentially nothing more than an unusually heavy deposit of melanin at one spot in the skin which gives unpleasant look.

In Laser Medical center, we have very effective treatments for freckles by Synchro QS4 – Q switched, Phtosilk, Eclat etc.

Moles, DPN, Skin Tags , Viral Warts

Remove all types of Mole and skin tags without cutting and bleeding

The quickest laser treatment possible within 15 minutes is mole removal which is done by erbium YAG laser in Laser Medical Center. It gives the finest finishing in raised moles. For flat moles we use Q switch, CO2 or Erbium YAG Laser as required. For DPN, Skin Tags or Viral warts, Electrocoautery or CO2 laser is the treatment of choice which can be done in a single session. In case of planer or seborroic warts V Beam (Pulse dye Laser) gives excellent result.

Birth Marks

Release Your Inner Beauty

We have the complete setup for birth marks removal according to the color of birth mark the treatment options are as follows.

Nevus of OTA / Congenital Nevus / Bakers Nevus / Cafe-au lait spots : This brownish or bluish discoloration of skin can be treated by Synchro QS4 – Q switched Laser(Combining with v beam). Erbium YAG resurfacing is some times done in case of epidermal nevus. If the surface is hairy long Pulsed Nd YAG is given as adjuvant treatment.

Hemangioma / Port wine stain : They are growths composed of many tiny blood vessels brunched together and vary in severity. Typically hemangioma just a small raised mark or nodule on the face, trunk or extremities which can be treated with V Beam laser, Diode Laser & CO2 laser. Port wine stain is caused by abnormal development of blood vessels which are flat, pink, red, or purple mark occurring on face, trunk, arms or legs.

Keloid & Surgical Scar Reduction

You look like Yourself only Better
The word Keloid is originated from Greek “chele” which means crab’s claw. Keloid, a claw-like appearance of tissues which develop usually around an injury site such as burn or severe acne, but they can also arise from minor injuries as a scratch, razor cut or an insect bite. Generally the skin creates an overgrowth from the injured site and overfills with collagen, causing it to swell and enlarge. Keloid can grow as large as a tumor but as they are overfilled by only collagen harmless and non-contagious but can cause itching or pain. The Treatment of choice is V beam / Nd YAG / Diode Laser according to the size & consistency of the keloid or Hypertrophic scar.

Psoriasis & Eczema

No More Flaking, Crusting, Blistering or Cracking

Psoriasisis a chronic selfesteem lowering condition that causes thickened, red patches of skin and silvery-white scales which can be itchy, sore, and even burn. They can be seen any where in the body, more common on the outside of the elbows and knees, can also affects the scalp and nails. Many things can trigger psoriasis, including stress, cold weather, skin damage, and certain medications.

Eczema usually shows up as very itchy patches that become red, swollen, and cracked from scratching. Rashes usually occur on the face, inside the elbows, behind the knees, and on the hands and feet. The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but it’s been linked to genetics and environmental factors. The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis, an allergic condition that often appears in babies and children. The condition may go away by age 2 or last through adulthood but often it sustains and get complicated with time. Certain substances may trigger an eczema breakout, so it’s important to identify and avoid them. Common irritants include household cleansers, detergents, soaps, chlorine, and wool. Stress can also cause eczema to appear. In Laser Medical Center, we have excellent treatment protocols which helps to control Psoraisis & Eczema thus helps you to enjoy your life like common healthy people.


The Beauty of nature

Melasma (muh-LAZ-muh) is a common skin problem. It causes brown to gray-brown patches, usually on the face. Most people get it on their cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip. It also can appear on other parts of the body that get lots of sun, such as the forearms and neck.

We have very advanced and effective treatment for Melasma combining Laser and Booster Peel. We can assure you the safety and effectiveness of the treatment without any side effects. Its need 4 sessions. Usually done at 1/2-1 months interval.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes
Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in men and women. Often accompanied by bags, dark circles can make you appear older than you are. To make matters worse, they can be difficult to get rid of only by under eye cream & eye contouring gels.
There are a number of contributing factors for dark circles. Some common causes of include: * Fatigue Lack of sleep or Oversleeping, extreme fatigue, or just staying up a few hours past your normal bedtime can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become dull and pale, allowing for dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin to show. Lack of sleep can also cause fluid to build underneath your eyes, causing them to appear puffy. As a result, the dark circles you see may actually be shadows cast by your puffy eyelids. * Age Natural aging is another common cause of those dark circles beneath your eyes. As you get older, your skin becomes thinner. You also lose the fat and collagen needed to maintain your skin’s elasticity. As this occurs, the dark blood vessels beneath your skin become more visible causing the area below your eyes to darken. * Eye strain Staring at your television or computer screen can cause significant strain on your eyes. This strain can cause blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge. As a result, the skin surrounding your eyes can darken. * Allergies Allergic reactions and eye dryness can trigger dark circles. When you have an allergic reaction, your body release histamines as a response to harmful bacteria. Other than causing uncomfortable symptoms — including itchiness, redness, and puffy eyes — histamines also cause your blood vessels to dilate and become more visible beneath your skin. Allergies can also increase your urge to rub and scratch the itchy skin around your eyes. These actions can worsen your symptoms, causing inflammation, swelling, and broken blood vessels. This can result in dark shadows beneath your eyes. * Dehydration Dehydration is a common cause of dark circles under your eyes. When your body is not receiving the proper amount of water, the skin beneath your eyes begins to look dull and your eyes look sunken. This is due to their close proximity to the underlying bone. Sun overexposure Overexposure to the sun can cause your body to produce an excess of melanin, the pigment that provides your skin with color. Too much sun — particularly for your eyes — can cause pigmentation in the surrounding skin to darken. * Genetics Family history also plays a part in developing dark circles under your eyes. It can be an inherited trait seen early in childhood, and may worsen as you age or slowly disappear. Predispositions to other medical conditions — such as thyroid disease — can also result in dark circles beneath your eyes. # Aesthetic treatments we offer: For a more effective and permanent solution, some medical & aesthetic treatments are available to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Some of the more common methods include: 1. Madonna Eye Lift : Laser Resurfacing by Smartxide Dot: to reduce pigmentation, we do laser resurfacing of the affected skin to enhance skin tightening & rejuvenate surrounding areas. 2. PRP: we inject Platelet rich plasma which is rich in growth factors to rejuvenate thinning skin areas and thus gradually by increasing volume of the surrounding tissues, dark circles improves. 3. Hyaluronic fillers: to conceal blood vessels and melanin that are causing skin discoloration beneath your eyes. 4. Intravenous Glutathione: internally it detoxifies by ensuring inner health and blocking pigmentation pathway, it gradually improves pigmentation and brightens the eyes.

Tattoo Removal

Effective with No Risk of Scarring
LMC treating all treatable tattoos is a standard application for any high-specification tattoo removal laser SYNCHRO QS. What is most important to practitioners is the power and speed in which they can treat the overwhelming majority of their clients who request the removal of the tattoo, ensuring quick clearance and high client satisfaction. The SYNCHRO QS4 has been explicitly designed for this purpose, providing laser practitioners with a laser that focuses its ability on ultra-high peak powers to remove what the majority of client’s request: removal of dark tattoos. Despite this, the QS4 is equipped with four highly-powered Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser wavelengths to ensure the removal of all treatable tattoo pigments if required. The SYNCHRO QS4 can also be used to effectively treat a broad range of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions. Synchro QS4 – Q switched laser for treating effectively each type of tattoo, color and depth with no damage to surrounding tissue.
pcos clinic

PCOS Clinic

Treat PCOS For Complete Solution Both aesthetic and clinical approaches.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormone imbalance that affects around 4 out of 10 women. Girls as young as 11 upto reproductive age can get PCOS.

Signs of PCOS:
1. No periods, irregular periods, or very heavy periods
2. Extra hair on your face or other parts of your body, called “hirsutism”
3. Acne
4. Weight gain or trouble losing weight
5. Patches of dark, thick skin
6. excessive hair fall
7. infertility

For PCOS we advice the following treatments:
1. Weight management & hormone balance therapy
2. Lipolysis by laser or hifu ultrasound
3. Laser hair removal for hirsutism
4. Acne & scars treatment
5. Hair fall prevention and regrowth by laser & PRP
6. Treatment for pigmentation problem
7. Lifestyle modification advice
All the mentioned treatments are safe for all and very effective for PCOS treatment & prevention.

If you have some of the above signs, you might have PCOS. There may be other reasons that you have one or more of these signs.
We have very effective treatments for PCOS depending on grade of PCOS (how severe it is … mild, moderate or severe) 

We manage Hormone balance, weight, acne , unwanted facial hair, excessive hair fall, skin discoloration etc according to the need of patients. We can assure you very good result.



To keep your skin young & healthy
BOTOX treatments are the fastest-growing sector of the cosmetic and aesthetic field where more and more people are turning for a safe and effective alternative to actual plastic surgery. Often described by clients and medical practitioners as the new “fountain of youth”. Botox is a safe, effective treatment which involves a tiny injection to relax the target muscles to get rid of lines & wrinkles. Moreover it can reshape your eyes brows as you desire (Brow Lift, straight eye brows etc). Botox can slim down your jaw lines, enhance your cheek bones which can give you a dramatic and sensuous look within 48 hours.


Ways to keep your skin looking younger
Restylane and Juvederm are facial fillers used to help reduce the signs of aging without surgery. These substances are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. Restylane and Juvederm are two different brands of hyaluronic acid designed for injection under the skin. They help fill hollows in the face which result from aging, such as lines under the eyes (also known as tear trough deformity), smile lines and marionette lines. The effects of treatment fade slowly over time, with most patients requesting retreatment about every six months. One of the most requested uses of Restylane and Juvederm is to provide a more full, plump appearance to lips. This type of treatment usually lasts about three months.

Laser Glow

Restore volume & Minimize Wrinkles
The Lasers is the latest skin treatment in Laser Medical Center which provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of topical solutions such as antioxidant Vitamin A,E & white tea extract, salicylic acid, lactic acid & glucosamine etc safely and painlessly to the deeper part of skin. It is non irritating & non inflammatory procedure which simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin with visible skin rejuvenation & brightening. It is an effective for all skin types and addresses a wide range of dermatological conditions including Melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne, photodamage, dehydration, congestion, blackheads and fine line wrinkles.

Power Thread Lift with PRP

Actualization of healthy and beautiful skin
As we age, our facial support structure weakens, and we lose facial fat. The affected areas generally include the cheeks, the eyebrows and other areas around the eyes, the jowls and the neck. The result is a longer, older-looking face. For these people especially, a thread lift may be an easy & safe alternative to the more invasive procedures necessary to correct problems in older people’s faces. Ideal candidates for thread lifts include people with minimal signs of aging who need just a small lift. Most people who undergo thread lifts are women between 35 and 45. They choose a thread lift because they have begun to see more prominence of the jaw, a relaxed (or minimally sagging) midfacial appearance or slight bags under the eyes or on the neck.

In a thread lift, barbed sutures (threads) are used to lift sagging eyebrows and eyelids, deep nasolabial folds (those furrows between your nose and the corners of your mouth) or aging neck tissues. Your surgeon would use a thin needle to insert the sutures under the facial tissues. The barbs on one end of the thread grab and lift the sagging skin, and the teeth on the other end anchor the skin to the underlying facial tissues. No incisions or stitches are required, and no scars are produced.