Laser has come to occupy a unique role in the diagnostic and therapeutic armament of medical science. It is a special type of monochromatic light. Here in this light, different wavelengths of solar rays have been separated into a definite wavelength. There is no side effect and it is approved by US FDA conforming to the highest international quality standards and is most suited for all skin type. The highlights of laser treatments are,

• Zero side effects

• No surgical knife/ No major anesthesia

• No bandages

• No stitches /scars to hide

• Almost no pain

• No hospital stay

• No radiation

• Safe even for small babies

We are the pioneers in introducing the era of laser treatment for Aesthetic purposes. Starting operation on December 16 in 2004, our Victory Day, this center promises to help you achieve victory over your skin problems.

At Laser Medical Center we believe that beautiful skin can be owned by everyone. Our approach to skin care is unique. We believe that, just like every individual is different, so are their skin care needs. Hence our treatments are unique and personalized for you, providing an ideal combination of aesthetic and clinical care. Whenever required we investigate to find out the underlying cause for the problem and treat it. All the treatments are carried out under strict supervision of laser specialists who have been trained from abroad. We use hi-technology laser equipments from Europe & America. The center offers a wide range of services and the benefits include zero side effects, no pain, no stitches or scars, no radiation, no hospital stay and no major anesthetics. In fact, this kind of treatment is popularly known abroad as 'Lunch-break surgeries'.

So if you want a swift, painless and permanent solution to your skin problems, Laser Medical Center is definitely worth a visit.

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