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Providing faster treatment, greater precision and unique solution for sub mental fat, facial lifting and rejuvenation.

Sygmalift© transforms the view of a facelift No surgery, No injection, No incision just great results.

3D High Intensity Focal Ultrasound

High Fractional Focused ultrasound, to concentrate up to 1000 intersection beams of ultrasound energy with extreme precision on a target depth in the body.

Much like a magnifying glass, can focus multiple beams of light on a single points.

Where each individual beam of focused ultrasound passes through the tissue, it has a progressive thermal effect down to the adipose tissue to stimulate fat lyses.

3D Micro Focal Ultrasound

Three Micro Focal Ultrasounds, stimulate in triple focal pulsed mode at various depths in the skin to regenerate tissue.

Focal Ultrasound has been shown to be a clinically effective, non invasive method to stimulate bioactivity.

Secondly H.F.U. rejuvenation leads to denaturation of the collagen by mechanically heating the dermis and stimulating collagen production.

Results are progressive.

Cold laser for toning and glow

The laser is a scanning diode laser 635nm (nanometers).

Lasers are available in various wavelengths and to be considered therapeutic must have a wavelengths between 630nm and 905nm.

The strength of the wavelengths determines the depth of penetration into tissue.

Low level lasers are used for superficial skin treatments, while higher wavelengths stimulate deeper tissues and cells.

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