A new Shape

A new Perspective for your Breasts

In Breast Augmentation Clinic every woman receives the most personal and professional care. We understand that every women is both physically and emotionally unique and has different needs and expectations.

Our panel of experts usually consult and examine the patient in order to recommend the most suitable cosmetic or laser procedure .

For breast enhancement we use Pulsed light microbeam laser therapy which enhances upto 2 inches with increase of cup size and tightening of breasts. The laser therapy activates the glands and enlarges the breasts by activating mammarial tissue, sympathetic nerve and capillary vessel in the breast and thus encourages natural growth process with safe & effective result.

Optimal result depends on size of the breast and how large you want to be (6 - 10 session for 30 minutes will be needed with 2 weeks interval between each session).

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