Achieve a Natural Breast shape

In Breast Augmentation Clinic every woman receives the most personal and professional care. We understand that every women is both physically and emotionally unique and has different needs and expectations.

Our panel of experts usually consult and examine the patient in order to recommend the most suitable cosmetic or laser procedure .

In some cases only tightening and lifting of breast is the only desired result which can be easily given by radio frequency. This device works by gently heating tissue to a level at which natural collagen shrinks to produce a tightening effect. They also stimulate fibroblasts which repair cells in the skin to produce new collagen.

Skin can only shrink and tighten by a certain amount so the most suitable people for treatment are those with mild to moderate laxity / sagging of breasts. If sagging is more significant Mammoplasty and Mammoplexy is more suitable before doing radio frequency.

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