Reduce the Appearance of Birth Marks

Release Your Inner Beauty

We have the complete setup for birth marks removal according to the color of birth mark the treatment options are as follows.

Nevus of OTA / Congenital Nevus / Bakers Nevus / Cafe-au lait spots : This brownish or bluish discoloration of skin can be treated by Synchro QS4 - Q switched Laser(Combining with v beam). Erbium YAG resurfacing is some times done in case of epidermal nevus. If the surface is hairy long Pulsed Nd YAG is given as adjuvant treatment.

Hemangioma / Port wine stain : They are growths composed of many tiny blood vessels brunched together and vary in severity. Typically hemangioma just a small raised mark or nodule on the face, trunk or extremities which can be treated with V Beam laser, Diode Laser & CO2 laser. Port wine stain is caused by abnormal development of blood vessels which are flat, pink, red, or purple mark occurring on face, trunk, arms or legs.


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