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Dr. Jhumu Khan Laser Medical Center is a pioneer of Laser & Clinic for Dermatology, Antiaging and Preventive Medicine. We are offering wide range of very effective treatments and can assure you quality service in Aesthetic & Clinical Dermatology, Antiaging, Allergy Hormone & Weight Management & Shaping with appeasing results.

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BICOM therapy is a form of electromagnetic therapy in alternative medicine. It is safe, natural, non-addictive and has produced some great results.

By Bioresonance therapy Electromagnetic information is taken from the body through any of a number of electrodes, modified and fed back through a magnetic modulation mat with the effect of counteracting energy imbalances. This process enhances regulation and detoxification as well as stimulating the immune system. It is safe, natural, non-addictive and has produced some great results.

BICOM Bioresonance therapy works as a weight management treatment in which one can manage own weight without feeling hungry all the time, without using drugs, without fatigue and loss of energy. It actually works by stimulating the metabolism, removing metabolic and other blockages and reducing cravings without any tiredness.

This treatment actually reduces sweet cravings and make a full of feeling which helps one to take a little amount of food in a whole day. The aim of this method is to gradually reduce weight in a healthy way until your individual target weight is reached and to then maintain this weight.

Metabolic activity is controlled by our hormonal system. BICOM through Bioresonance regulates hormone control and improves hormonal balance.


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Laser Skin Clinic

Dr. Jhumu Khan's Laser Medical Center is your trusted Aesthetics laser skin care clinic that provides safe laser skin treatments.

Anti Aging Clinic

Unlock your body's own regenerative power and embrace inner health to feel and look good inside and outside, Naturally!

Allergy Clinic

BioResonance is a form of regulatory medicine, just like homeopathy, acupuncture and other recognised complementary therapy methods.

Hair Regrowth Clinic

We are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of hair disorders, including thinning hair, alopecia, male/female pattern baldness, and scalp infections.

PCOS Clinic

For PCOS, We manage Hormone balance, weight, acne , unwanted facial hair, excessive hair fall, skin discoloration etc according to the need of patients.

Slimming & Shaping Clinic

The Slimming Clinic offer the best slimming and weight loss treatments. Advantage of the most modern Thermogenic slimming and body shaping treatment.

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisatouch is a new procedure based on a unique concept and designed to restore the trophic conditions of the vaginal and the vulvar area.

Breast Enhancement Clinic

In Breast Augmentation Clinic every woman receives the most personal and professional care.