To the Laser Medical Center, is a super specialized LASERS based clinic providing fast expanding range of aesthetic & cosmetic treatment.

Since we introduce the wonders of LASERS in Bangladesh in 2004, it became extremely popular because of the concept of "beauty without cuts & bruises" and is highly appreciated by the clients for the "zero side effect" theory.

We welcome you all to fulfill your dream of desired beauty. Let the magic of LASERS make your wishes come true & keep you young "& beautiful forever!"

About Laser Treatment:

Laser Skin Clinic - Skin Brightening

Latest skin treatment which provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of topical solutions such as antioxidant Vitamin A,E & white tea extract, salicylic acid, lactic acid & glucosamine etc safely.
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Anti Aging Clinic - BOTOX

BOTOX treatments are the fastest-growing sector of the cosmetic and aesthetic field where more and more people are turning for a safe and effective alternative to actual plastic surgery.
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Fat Clinic - Ultra Contour

Liposuction without Operation...Come to a new era of reducing extra fat.
Ultra Contour - giving you a chance to have a slim figure without doing any surgery, injection, burns, pains, exercise.
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